Club Sandwich: Making that Perfect Recipe

Sandwiches are one of those things that you can make them the way you want it. Combine it with some of the most delicious food you like, and have sandwiches of any type. So, what are the best club sandwich recipes you could try out?

Here is a look.

Club Sandwich Recipe With Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a real celebratory luxury, and also extremely easy to prepare. This is the reason why smoked salmon sandwiches are quite popular -smoked salmon is healthy and really easy to prepare -it doesn’t even need cooking.This easy to prepare dish is just as suitable for quick snacks, family dinners for family and of course, lunch-time sandwiches.

They can be consumed easily with only a little preparation and could be used in wide ways like in salads, sandwiches or as quality ingredients in creative recipes.

What more? You can always think of adding some tipple to your smoked salmon hamper. Here is how you can make a club sandwich with smoked salmon.


Just grill the fish for three minutes each side and then toast the bread till it’s golden on either side. Apply mayonnaise to one side of the slice and then add in bacon and tomato slices – around a couple each. Add in the salmon fillet and some lettuce leaves and you’re done!


It is well known that tuna comprises of omega3 which is important for heart health, and thus it has the potential to be a healthy meal.In fact, the fish oil in it is great for your skin and it can really fuel up your body, with all the protein that it has.Tuna sandwiches are truly delectable and everyone loves it because it is healthy, tasty and can be made in various ways

So, some Grilled Tuna melt anybody? If yes, then here is the recipe to create it.


Grab some sourdough bread and dress up the tuna to bring out its flavor but not disguise it. Add some celery, onion, salt, garlic powder, lemon juice and mayonnaise to a bowl and stir to well until it mixes well. Now, top it with cheddar cheese to give it some contrast. Last, but not the least, simply grill it in butter, and voila! Your perfect tuna melt is ready to eat!


The goodness of eggs is just limitless! It is the powerhouse of protein and its consumption makes you feel full and energetic instantly. It is good for your eyes, hair and also for the overall health. Additionally, it is not really overwhelming in calories.

It is something very basic and can help in the creation of versatile recipes!

So, when you are in a hurry and want to make something yummy and filling, this recipe is going to provide you the needed help in doing so.


Grab 2 slices of flax whole bread and start off by toasting them. At the same time, add a spoon of butter to the pan and let it melt for a while, and then crack 2 eggs on the melted butter and let it cook in the pan for a while. Add the required amount of salt and pepper to it and then flip it over in a while to cook the other side. Now, two slices of cheese over it and then let it melt.

Now, just put the eggs over the toast, cut the toast into two halves and enjoy the cheese burst!