Top 5 Sandwich Recipes You Can Try Out

Sandwiches are by far the most adored fast foods in the world. Who wouldn’t like a combination of bread, cheese, butter and a combination of vegetables, spices and meat to go with ketchup? It’s like everything holy about food has been used to form one single delicious combination of savory.

They’re easy to make, the ingredients are easy to acquire and they taste yummy! They’re quite filling as well. Anyone can make a sandwich and the most beautiful part of it is the sheer number of combinations you can try with any kind of ingredients between two slices of bread.

You can try chocolate and call it a chocolate sandwich. It would still taste amazing. You can try Pringles with the vegetables and it would rock! Think of any kind of filling between two slices of bread. Anything that tingles your taste buds. It’s a sandwich. Have you ever experimented with sandwich recipes though? Here are some awesome sandwich recipes that are universally loved!


Cheese Steak

Cheese Steak is widely regarded as one of the best Sandwiches in America. It needs a Sirloin steak, grilled to a frizzle, chopped up and then seared with a griddle. Slide it between a roll of bread and grill it. Add some Provolone cheese to it just at the last minute and it should melt just in time for you to enjoy some of the tastiest Cheese Steak in the world. The most beautiful thing about a Cheese Steak is that it will taste good even if it is poorly made.

It’s one of the most universally enjoyable sandwiches out there. Cheese Steaks are made using different methods in different regions but the Philadelphia Cheese Steak is by far the most popular Cheese Steak sandwich out there. They use a cheese wiz in the Sandwich which adds a lot of flavor to it.


Grilled Cheese:

It’s not a sandwich unless it’s a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. At least, that’s what the sandwich lovers say! All it has is Grilled Bread and Cheese. Some people try adding butter to it. Regardless of the simplicity of this idea, it goes down really well with literally anyone who likes sandwiches. It’s easy to make, it doesn’t take a lot of time and is filling and delicious.

Like, it’s a no-brainier that a combination of crispy grilled bread with melted cheese in it would not be good. It also happens to be one of the most popular sandwiches in the world and you will find different iterations of it in different places. A little bit of trivia here, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich was originally known as “The Cheese Dream” and the second slice of bread to sandwich the cheese between two slices was not a norm until the 1960s!


Ham & Cheese:

Nothing goes as well with Bread and Cheese as Ham does. Sure, some would argue a Steak is better but Ham & Cheese is more universal in terms of Breakfast or Snack Sandwiches. The thing about Ham & Cheese is, it’s the staple diet of every school kid out there. Most of them will have a Ham & Cheese Sandwich in their lunchbox and the best part about it is that it’s not something they’d ever say no to! They love it! It’s much better than having Broccoli or Tofu for breakfast, eh?

You can go HAM on Ham & Cheese Sandwiches at literally any time of the day and you’d be satisfied. It’s just that good!


 Cuban Sandwich

You haven’t lived life until you’ve tasted an actual Cuban Sandwich. A Cuban Sandwich is one of the most delicious combinations of a Sandwich to have ever existed and you will acknowledge this once you eat it. It is a mix of different sandwich recipes like Ham & Cheese, a Porchetta Sandwich and some kinds of Italian Sandwiches. Head over to Miami and these Sandwiches are the bomb there! A combination of ingredients along with the signature melt-in-your-mouth butter and cheese effect, crispy grilled Bread. There literally can’t be anything that tastes more heavenly than this one.


 Breakfast Sandwich

This is something you can have literally everyday and not get tired of it. The Breakfast Sandwich is cheap, easy to make and really filling. Everybody from the President of your country to that underachieving undergraduate student commuting to college would love a Breakfast Sandwich in the morning before leaving. If nothing else, it improves the mood of someone that hates waking up for work. Sort of like a preparation for the tough day ahead, the sheer simplicity of this Sandwich is what makes it so special. Its primary purpose is only to feed the hungry and make them feel good and it sure does a darn good job of it!